shaping the future

Fuji X20 Hamburg Harbour

I have found TED Talks a good source of inspiration. And the Talks get far more airplay as the mere audience of the conference suggests.

On my new Samsung Smart TV I even found the TED - Talks App on my homescreen.

With all the tools we have at hand currently - blogger, youtube - we can become proactive ourselves. We have certainly equal rights for broadcasting our opinion and try to find our audience and maybe in the near future you'll get recommended as TED speaker.

I was against the rescue of greece but I did not want to air that statement. Instead I'm trying to be a bit more precise and uplifing by suggesting alternative options but before I reveal them, I would like to model them in R.

and....surprise, surprise my alternative route would have caused most likely more damage on the long run.

Now, one could say "Analysis. Paralizes" and there is some truth in that.

What has been decided in a rush, to violate the Maastricht Treaty no bail-out clause was certainly not the result of Analysis more desperation I suppose.

but the future hasn't happened yet - we shape it.

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