Yahoo Tickers for DAX,MDAX,SDAX

In my various R - Tests I'm using usually the Yahoo Dataservice implemented in quantmod
suppressWarnings(try(getSymbols(ticker, index.class="POSIXct", from=initDate, to=to,src="yahoo"),silent=TRUE)) 
If you would like to run some backtests on the DAX,MDAX or SDAX and you were wondering what the yahoo symbol is, here is a list of the tickers you need. 


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  1. given some changes - this list should be more accurate by now

    [66] "SBS.DE" "SOW.DE" "UTDI.DE" "WDI.DE" "2HR.DE" "AAD.DE" "AB1.DE" "AOX.DE" "B5A.DE" "BDT.DE" "CEV.DE" "COM.DE" "CWC.DE"
    [92] "MLP.DE" "MVV1.DE" "NOEJ.DE" "O2C.DE" "P1Z.DE" "PRA.DE" "S4A.DE" "SAX.DE" "SFQ.DE" "SIX2.DE" "SK1A.DE" "SKB.DE" "SLT.DE"
    [131] "MRK.DE" "MUV2.DE" "RWE.DE" "SAP.DE" "SDF.DE" "SIE.DE" "TKA.DE"


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