Ready for Tail events?!

Let me first dispel a myth, just because you apply Money Management Rules does not mean you are prepared for tail events. You are not even close!

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Are Directors adding shareholder value? 17 Aug 2014

As former SEC Section 16 Officer I often wondered how the information policy for the shareholders can be improved and the transparency of the Board Meetings can be enhanced.

I believe it would add great value to shareholders if they are able to get first hand information of Board Meetings. This would add much more transparency and shareholders would be able to follow the entire decision making process.

Allblue proposed Closure of EURO class 8 Aug 2014

BCAB Allblue just proposed the closure of the EURO class. With roughly 14 million in this class it is not huge but on the other hand many funds would be quite happy to have this volume. So the size can not be the real reason and I found an article, which shed some light on the problem. Apparently Hedgefunds realized that the shares were trading with a discount to the NAV and decided it would be a perfect investment idea using a lopehole of the constitution.

Tag Clouds 20 Jun 2014

I was just about to ask my Marketing guy to draw me a nice Tag Cloud for our Roadshow - than I discovered What a great service.

chart with individual signals 12 Apr 2014

Also I'm not to much into Technical Indicators and Chart-Analysis during system development it is sometimes handy to visualize your buy and selllimits in a chart.

The quantmod package provides a nice charting environment and you can select from a bunch of predefined indicators.

However what I would like to have is to display my buy and selllimits in my chart.